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7 Secrets of Shiva

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Bhagavad Gita: Yatharoop (Hindi)

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Bhagvad gita as it is english new edition

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If you have you been looking forward to getting spiritual insights on the Hindu religion or Do you feel the urge to read and understand the principles of Hinduism from the likes of the great Bhagwad Gita? You can choose from a number of books written by Gurus and Devotees themselves at These books help us not just to understand our religion better, but also helps us to understand the world around us based on the traditional Hindu values and principles.

There are various versions of the great Bhagwad Gita offering diverse takes on the immense knowledge of the book. Then there are books about the teachings and prophecy of various Hindu Yogis.

The books are available on paperbacks, hard covers, audio books and kindle eBooks to choose from. These books are available in numerous languages amongst which Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Arabic, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian are just to name a few giving the readers complete freedom to choose the language they are interested in reading the books in. The books have been classified according to format, language, price, discount, seller and availability. You can add your item(s) to cart after selection to place your order online at

Books on Hinduism

If there is a book describing the several ways by which one can converse with God, then there's another book relating science with religion – Holy Science and explaining the secrets of living a healthy, happy and peaceful life. Then there are books describing various facets of the two greatest tales of Hindu religion – the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Moreover, there are books capturing and explaining the life story of the famous Gurus like Sai Baba and those capturing the deep understanding of self realization. Books on Hinduism are not just religious books which help us understand the depths of Hindu religion but also books which cover the technological, scientific, spiritual, philosophical and psychological aspects of Hinduism.

Hindu Beliefs and Principles

Hinduism is a religion which can be taken as a simple and straightforward religion combined with a defined set of beliefs and principles. At the same time, if one tries to delve deep into the hidden facts of Hinduism or tries to understand the cornerstones of Hinduism, it could very well be one of the most complex religions to have ever existed. There have been many yogis and Hindu practitioners who have different takes on the religion and who have tried to prove differently, be it the beliefs about the laws of the spirit world, or be it the practices and lifestyle of the Himalayan masters. Understanding Hinduism can be a very interesting aspect for any religious follower.

Shop Books on Hinduism Online at has categorized Books on Hinduism across formats and languages to help you browse and choose the ones you would want to read. The formats are crucial to personal taste, with paperback and hard cover being the traditional options while technology driven audio books and Kindle eBooks also to choose from. The enormous variety of languages covered in the collection of these books helps to cater to maximum number of readers. Don’t forget to check out the latest collection and pick up one today.