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India is home to over 400 million children. They are the citizens of tomorrow, but crushing poverty, issues of child labour and trafficking, lack of nutrition, sanitation and education among many other issues are widely prevalent. Likewise, women constitute approximately 49% of the Indian population. They have made strides in every field but still face challenges of discrimination, illiteracy and widely prevalent social ills of rape, dowry killings and forced prostitution.

As a society we cannot progress and realize the potential of India unless we release their potential. Even as the government and NGOs around the country are working to address several of these issues and provide them with holistic care, skill them and instill them with self-confidence, there is still a lot to be done. You too can help!
Send a gift to support a cause that is close to your heart; a gift that will bring them joy and help them take a step towards a brighter future. The "Wish lists" created by the NGOs support the immediate needs of the women and children under their care. Gift a smile now!

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