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Buy Xbox One Games, Consoles and Accessories Online from Amazon India

Enjoy an Ultimate Gaming Experience

Looking for an out-of-the-world gaming experience? Shop for Xbox One games, consoles and accessories online on Amazon India. Xbox One is designed by the gamers for the gamers. It brings a whole new paradigm to gaming and entertainment. With Xbox One, you can expect the very best in music, sports, movies and games, everything on a single platform, designed to blow your senses. It has Bing search which will let you find exactly what you are looking for, be it on the Internet or in the applications, without leaving your console.

Find New and Exciting Games to Play

The Xbox One is powered by an 8 core, X86 processor, which will never let you slow down. It has an 8MB RAM and 500GB hard drive which can store all your saved games, demos, music, movies, applications and more. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about losing a saved game. You can switch between games, movies, music, live TV and applications in an instant. The Xbox One has a HDMI Pass-Thru that will enable you to watch TV on the Xbox One without having to switch between inputs. The Blu-ray player in it lets you watch all your favourite movies and play all the action packed games in high definition.

Develop Analytical Skills while you have Fun

Think about it, you walk into the room and get to switch on the Xbox One with merely your voice? Or, take a video call on Skype without missing out on the game that you were playing on your Xbox One. Doesn’t that sound cool? With the Xbox One, you will be able to do all this and a lot more. The Xbox One comes loaded with features like Real Voice, Real Vision and Real Motion. And thanks to these features, you will be able to automatically sign in as you step inside your room. With simple gestures, you will be able to speed up the game and you will be able to switch TV channels and programmes with the sound of your voice. So do not waste time. Take your gaming experience to a new level by shopping online on for Xbox One games, consoles and accessories.