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Choose a compatible smart-home connected device from the Alexa Smart Home Store.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up and name your device.

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Switching on lights, ACs and other devices by merely asking it to is not a thing of the future anymore. With the Amazon Echo devices, Alexa and a host of smart bulbs and plugs, you can automate your home appliances for a seamless experience. Shop from a variety of smart plugs, bulb, starter kits and more at the Alexa Smart Home Store on

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With the convenience of not only automatically turning on and off the lights in your home but also performing tasks such as changing the colours, brightness and more, smart lights combined with the intelligence of Alexa is the future of home automation. With smart bulbs from the likes of Philips and Syska along with starter kits that help you connect several bulbs to a single hub, experience the ease and joy of voice controlling your lights with Alexa.

Make Your Devices Smart with Smart Plugs on

To enjoy the benefits of home automation with your regular devices and appliances, all you need is a smart plug that connects these appliances to the Internet and allows you to use Alexa to control them. These plugs such as the TP-Link HS100 and Oakter Smart Plug are available on the Alexa Smart Home Store and are a great way to control your fans, ACs, geysers and much more.

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Connecting your smart devices to a central hub is possible with the Alexa-enabled devices – Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus. These smart devices help you set alarms, voice reminders, play music, check weather, control your music and much more. Being easy to set up and providing great quality entertainment and automation, these Alexa devices are a must-have for those interested in home automation and looking to make their lives simpler. Shop for the Amazon Echo on and enjoy the great introductory pricing with a host of other features.