Expert Advice

About Early Ageing

What are the causes of premature aging?

Premature aging is a very common concern noticed off lately. The main cause of premature aging is sun, however, development of free radicals in the skin too can make your skin look dull, tired, uneven with fine lines (mentioned are the signs of premature aging) Though premature aging can be prevented by use of sunscreen to a major extent however there are other reasons too like pollution, stress, junk food and many more that can show the above-mentioned concerns on your skin.

What causes Pigmentation?

Premature aging may show different signs of aging in different people. Premature signs of aging might be visible in various forms like dryness on the skin, age spots, dullness and uneven skin and in some customer early appearance of fine line.
Though the main cause of premature aging remains sun exposure and development of free radicals in the skin not following a suitable skin care regime can fasten the process even faster.

Who is prone to premature aging?

Any individual who is facing the sun, excessive exposure to rays from laptop/computer screens, projector, and frequent exposure to heat without any form of sunscreen. Also individuals who face pollution on daily basis.

How can you prevent / treat premature aging?

The most critical step to prevent premature aging is to use a sunscreen with a basic SPF ranging from SPF 15-50 at least 20 mins before sun exposure with re-application after every 3-4 hours.
At the same time it’s very important to maintain a healthy diet and a skin care routine enriched with vitamins, since vitamins being an anti-oxidant can fight against free radicals effectively preventing as well as working on pre-mature signs of aging.