New lip shades to try

Red, pink and nude lipsticks dominate our vanity cases given how versatile these colours are. While they are fail-safe and match with most of our outfits, it is also worth trying out some new shades which can serve you just as well.

Colours like berry, wine and brown suit the Indian skin tone very well while colours like purple and tangerine need to be more carefully chosen to pick the best shade to suit the skin. Even nudes have gotten a makeover and come with a tint of colour which compliments the face better than a beige nude.

Check out our top 7 picks across the colour spectrum.


Shades of berry are perfect for summer nights and afternoon brunches. Give your outfit a fresh, vibrant look with these colours.


A great day-to-night colour, lipsticks in these shades will end up being a staple in your make-up collection.

Purples & Violets

For an edgy, on-trend look that tells everyone you've got a bold streak, add some deep, rich purple to your lipstick collection.

Chocolate Brown

Browns are not just a night colour. Work the colour during the day with a fresh-faced, minimalistic look, and transform it into a night colour with smokey eyes.


The perfect all-rounder, tangerine lipsticks will carry you through everything from interviews and meetings to lunch with the prospective in-laws and date night.

Rosy Nude

Every girl needs one rosy nude lipstick in her collection. Subtle with just enough colour to freshen up your look, these colours are perfect for a day out in the sun.

Metallic Colours

If you haven't tried gold or copper coloured lips, now is definitely the time to do it. Refreshing, trendy and eye-catching, these vivid colours will dial up the style factor on even the simplest outfit.