Kaya Expert Anti Ageing Regime:

A 3-step routine that exfoliates, hydrates & replenishes your skin.

  • Expert Anti Ageing Regime is a simple, twice a day routine of cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenation of ageing skin to give you younger-looking skin in 4 weeks.
  • Contains bistort herb & grapeseed extract which tackle early signs of ageing and improve skin texture, maintaining the brilliance of your healthy, youthful skin.
  • Consists of 3 essential Kaya products; Creamy Exfoliating Rinse, Flawless Day Cream and Replenishing Night Cream that work together to keep your skin youthful and healthy.

1. Kaya Creamy Exfoliating Rinse:

  • Luxurious cream-based exfoliating cleanser with Japanese Cherry & Purple Orchid extracts.
  • Creamy white scrub with micro beads.
  • It gently polishes skin by removing dead skin cells.
  • It leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft, smooth and bright.

2. Kaya Flawless Day Cream :

  • Easy absorbing day cream with Bistort herb and Grapeseed extract to tackle the early signs of ageing.
  • It is the perfect day cream for treating the first signs of ageing
  • Penetrates deep into the skin and protects it from the first signs of ageing like fine lines, open pores and age spots
  • SPF 25 with 4 Bootstar rating shields the skin from harsh sun rays that cause skin darkening and ageing
  • Skin appears luminous and even toned thus retaining its youthful and flawless appearance
  • Efficacy :
    -Younger looking skin in 4 weeks*.
    -Luminous Complexion
    -Improves texture
    -Even tones skin
    -Healthy youthful skin

*when used in combination with Replenishing night cream, basis clinical study,2016

3. Kaya Replenishing Night Cream :

  • Night cream with bistort herb and Grapeseed extract to tackle the early signs of ageing.

  • Packed with potent actives, this night cream improves the skin’s texture while you sleep

  • Restorative action of the plant extracts like Bistort Herb works on first signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines

  • Luxurious and hydrating formula replenishes your skin with the moisture it needs

  • Niacinamide works on dark spots giving you brighter skin so you wake up with a healthy and radiant glow

    -Younger looking skin in 4 weeks*
    -Hydrates and replenishes
    -Luminous complexion, smoothens fine lines and improves texture
    -Healthy youthful skin

    *When used together as a regime with Flawless Day Cream, basis clinical study 2016.