Delay in return pickups
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How are we maintaining social distancing norms while accepting Pay on Delivery?

  • On arrival, the Delivery Associate (DA) will place package/delivery on the floor in front of your door.
  • The DA will ring bell or knock on door and step back a minimum of two (2) meters / 6 feet from the door while waiting for you to open the door.
  • In case of SMS Pay Link-based payment, you will receive an SMS to complete the payment transaction electronically. Once payment is successful, the DA will request you to collect the package.
  • In case of Cash on Delivery (CoD), you have to place the money on top of the package and step back by two (2) meters/ 6 feet while the DA collects the cash. In case of change to be returned, the DA will place the change on top of package, step back by two (2) meters / 6 feet and request you to collect the change and the package/delivery.
  • If your pincode has been classified as “has Containment Zones”, we will only offer Prepaid methods of payment. If your pincode changes from Red/Orange/Green to “has containment zone” and you have any in-transit POD orders, we will offer POD only if your address is not within the Containment Zone (building/ locality etc. as defined by authorities). If your address falls within a Containment Zone (CZ), we will not be able to deliver your POD package to you and cancel the order (prepaid orders will continue to be delivered as per safety norms of the CZ).