About Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation
Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation (LPCF) is a trust with a vision to create enriching environment for the under privileged in the areas of education, healthcare & livelihood. LPCF provides free education, food and healthcare to the children of their school. Under the banner of Lotus Petal there are two schools and a healthcare programme with a total of 100 children.
1. Pratishthan Learning Centre focuses on 5th – 10th standards along with supplementary education in English and Computers for under privileged children.
2. Vidyananda School is an alternative school with 44 children.
3. Aarogya Wellness is a healthcare program providing free food and healthcare.

Pratishthan Learning Centre
Pratishthan is a school that provides high school education to children who have passed out from neighboring schools and have nowhere to go after Grade 5. PLC gives them a fast track education curriculum that enables them to complete their High School in 3 years. By the end of this course, the students are proficient in English, Mathematics and Computer Skills. Currently there are 16 children in Pratishthan.

Vidyananda School
Vidyananda is an alternative school that has 44 children. There are currently two classes, Kindergarten and Grade 1 and learning happens through art, music & creative play. Vidyananda is based on the philosophy of J.Krishnamurti, Rudolph Steiner and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Aarogya Wellness
This is a healthcare program that provides free food and healthcare to the students of Lotus Petal Foundation. It provides fresh, clean & a well balanced meal everyday to each student. For some, this is the only meal that they may get. Through Aarogya, the NGO gives each student a health card that entitles the student and their entire family for free medical services through regular doctor visits, health camps within the school and also free OPD & primary/secondary healthcare at Mayom Hospital. Each student of Lotus Petal Foundation and their family has full free health coverage through Aarogya Wellness.

Bhumi is a part time Computer program that provides free computer education over the weekend to 27 children within the school campus. In July 2014, Lotus Petal celebrated the graduation of the first batch that completed the one year computer program successfully.

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