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Reviewed in India on 11 November 2018
Okay. So you have been seeing people display their Macbooks and you have always fancied owning one of those premium devices. Now, as Amazon offers this Macbook Air at a reduced price, you are getting tempted to buy this. STOP and consider what you get for the money you spend. Do not buy this if you think this adds some premiumness to your profile. It will not - because this device is next in line where support will be withdrawn by Apple. Resist temptation - because THAT is what Apple sells. The last reason to buy should be your feeling that it improves your profile. Apple users will smirk when they see you with an obsolete 'dinosaur' device as they display their latest toys.

If you are a windows user - better go to some friend's Macbook and try some activities. MAC OS is great till you try to change something as puny as your mouse cursor!! You realise that you are stuck in the little cozy jail of Apple once you try anything non-standard. Try transferring data by a USB stick from your other laptop to this one .... you will need training. USB partitioning has to be only ExFAT - and evn if you do this partitioning on a MAC, chances are that Windows will not recognise the USB stick. If you are not a power user - this can be a real pain. Of course, you can pretend (like so many thousands of Apple users) that these do not matter. But hey - they do. A premium DELL or HP may be the best option for you. (Yes, I will first discourage you from buying this and then explain why I purchased this for myself)

Know that you are giving up the option of buying RAM or SSD from the neighbouring shop to extend the device life. You wil depend on Apple and on Apple alone. Of course there are generic spares - but these too are more expensive than the DELL or HP spares. Once Apple pulls the plug of support, these spares may get even more expensive. In fact, hardware upgrade beyond increasing the SSD is very much a rare luxury. Thankfully, I have kept myself out of this snob-race that Apple peddles.

If you are still reading - here are the good sides (why I purchased this in spite of what I wrote above)

A Mac is a Mac is a Mac. So is this one. The hardware are perfectly matched and performance is always optimal. This laptop is for carrying along as a second laptop, alongside my official one, a DELL workhorse. MAcbook Air is lightweight and can run other operating systems. I use this to run Windows and Linux.

The MAC OS is a very stable Operating system. Chances are that you will never face a single crash in your lifetime of using this Macbook Air. Windows is fragile (too many bugs and updates) and Linux is difficult (you need a little training). That's where the Macbook Air comes in Handy. With Parallels desktop, you can load Linux and Windows on Virtual Machines on the Mac. You can seamlessly go from one OS to another without rebooting. However, note that with 'parallels desktop' you are operating Windows and Linux from your little cell in the Apple jail. And be prepared to shell out a good amount to "buy" this software. It is possible to load linux differently so that it works outside the Apple shell. Quite a saving grace. Using BootCamp (through a dual bootng feature), you can take advantage of the multi-tasking power of Windows without the risk of getting blue screens or hanged functions. So overall that looks great.

Now coming back to my rating... I run mostly Windows and Linux on this MAC. Happy with it because the hardware is great. I consider myself a power user - so I know that I can find alternatives for this if and when Apple pulls the plug of support (should be available for at least another year, and a certain period after that as Apple's support to "obsolete" devices). Hence a durability rating of 3 stars only !!

That (above) is the truth laid bare. Please decide and buy at your own risk.
~~ Buy this if you like the hardware (but know that DELL or HP would give a much better hardware at this price, and those will be upgradable and last much longer than this)
~~ Buy this because you understand that this hardware is very stable and Mac OS can protect your windows as it works in the MAC Shell. Buy this because you can run Linux once Mac makes this obsolete.
~~ Do not buy this if you feel it adds to your premium value. It will be a dinosaur soon and you will be left stranded. Think of the plight of iPhone 5, which was premium 24 months ago. People rushed and purchased their "cheap iPhone" around a year back. Today, they have no pride in showing off a device that is obsolete. Tomorrow, Apple will make it sluggish and they will be forced to upgrade.

EDIT/ADD [02/12/2019]: If you plan to upgrade your SSD to 500GB, please look at SSD (ASIN:B07J2WBKXF) with adapter (ASIN: B07D7VM8GM). I have been able to successfully upgrade myself. Review is on the SSD page.
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