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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 25 May 2021
The main focus of “The World as a Neural Network” is Artificial Intelligence and how it has been affecting our lives. The book covers some basic points about the origin of AI and how it has progressed to its modern form. At the same time, it also sheds light on the fact that AI is not just a neutral network.
Our lives are surrounded by mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs and whatnot. Technology is everywhere and AI is one of the major extensions of that. “The world as a Neural Network” brings together different aspects of life from the different generation which have been affected by the development of AI in a direct or indirect manner.
In the beginning, the book feels really simple. It talks about some of the most recent events involving the use of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the world in general. But as your progress, you will realise that the initial chapters were only setting a scene. The act is yet to begin.
To many, it may seem as a book full of conspiracy theories. Regardless, the book does not fail to raise some serious questions. It does not fail to point out the role/ influence social media has had on some serious topics.
There are a lot of questions and some are scarier than others. But what I like most about this book is it starts from the basics. I presume that the book is written keeping in mind the most naive of the folks who would be interested in learning about AI. In the beginning, it feels like you are just scratching the surface but read along and you will not be disappointed.
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