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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 9 January 2016
I liked the part where is explains or at least tries to explain the difference between LOVE and LUST

But still there can be many fixes in the story, the ending definitely could be MORE and BETTER.
It has both the 1. lack of the story and 2. lagging of the story
In between i felt it is just filled up to extend the book, and for that sake is filled up with lot of unnecessary romance.
It felt boring cause i felt the chapters looked REPETITIVE.
It has very little content. I didn't even like the major character i.e, Deb, as he failed both his girls expectations, i couldn't trace out how could he manage the situation, as there was a unexpected end given to the story
coming to Avantika, it was fine on her part. But i Definitely liked Malini, and that caused a lot of frustration to me that her character has ended almost by saying nothing, it just ended like that, no more can be known about her life..
AAGRRRRR!!! It is sooo damn frustrating.

I felt that may be the book is written just to write something, and it definitely didn't turned any good

BUY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!! could go for any other better book (there are many)
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