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Reviewed in India on 12 March 2020
I own the first Amazon Echo, 3rd gen Echo dot with clock and just a few days ago purchased the Amazon Show 8.

Firstly, I was extremely excited for the Video Calling so I bought one for myself and one for my girlfriend, it worked but unfortunately the 1megapixel video quality was not good enough, it was so blurry i could not see facial expressions. I have good internet and still the video quality kept switching every 5 seconds (horrible for my eyes) from poor to very poor quality.

Secondly, I was excited to hear apple music was finally added to the Show 8. When i clicked connect apple music it said apple music on Echo not available in your country. Very disappointing. I feel like I have been scammed into buying this with false advertising as I bought that on the India store

Thirdly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, You need the Alexa app to use 90% of the features of Echo Show 8 so listen to this.
I downloaded the alexa app, following the instructions from the Show 8 and it tells me to connect the Show 8 to the alexa through the settings of the app. In the settings you choose the type device you are using, Echo, phone, smart home etc. I click on Echo and search through the list of echo devices amazon has to connect to but the Show 8 is not on the list... ALEXA DOES NOT CONNECT TO ECHO SHOW 8

Without alexa the show 8 is only left with its sole features, video calling which sucks, Prime video (if you have it on your account) which also is not the same prime video you love but ONLY PRIME EXCLUSIVES, which is confusing advertising again , i didn't know this when i bought 2 of them.

Fourth and also a game changer... As soon as i opened the alexa i did the setup and connected to wifi. I could feel abit of lag while typing. After that as i swiped and used the user interface like looking through menus opening apps... IT GOT WORSE. It had only the base apps nothing downloaded, no personal files, it was brand new and it felt like a samsung android from 2008. This device is slow and not fully functioning.

High price cheap quality
1/10 Rating
Avoid this product, would not recommend anyone to buy
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