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Reviewed in India on 11 October 2020
Lester did reach a place where he is as much a Hero as Percy & others! Glad I could get a closure for Jason.

I did not like the part about Piper though! It was such a sudden change and not really making sense. Not that I have any issue with the story, it's just very random!

Glad that Leo gets a Mom & 2 sisters! Wow! Must say, having seen RARA as a Mexican Sister acting like a Mexican Mom with flicking the cheeks! LOL!! XD XD XD ded.

So much more glad that Meg got someone as a Mother figure! Love Lu! She is truly fierce, but definitely caring in as much of a motherly way as a "Celtic Barbarian" can! Love the fierceness!

Meg deserves all the love! Artemis is one of the Godesses other than Athena whom I actually like.

Yes. Glad Hera felt for Jason. That was definitely a good side. Also the comparison betweenNero and Zeus and the Toxic Tyranny? It's good.

Didn't like how Ares is always like heartless in Greek books of Rick. Is there anything good you'd prefer to write about him, not in Roman but in a Greek story, Rick?

We stan Rick. ❤️
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