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27 November 2018
Seller: Cloudtail
Price: 499/-
Delivery: Next Day, Prime, Bangalore
Package: Well packed in box, just box no fancy box packing
Recommended: Yes, just buy it than buying any quickcharge or fancy models
Returnable: Yes
Warranty: 1 year

I got frustrated as there are so many fake or poorly designed ones which either don't charge or charge at very slow rate on both slots (1A and 2.4A). This one is really a working one and I thank Amazon for that!

♦ One small blue LED for power status (not very cool, but helps to know if powered or not)
♦ Connectors fit decent, no issues
♦ Charges my Galaxy On Max with Bluetooth+4G+GoogleMaps ON from 40 to 100 in about 2 hours
♦ No differentiation in 1A or 2.4A socket, I feel both are equally shared
♦ No quick charge support, but you don't need one as using anything other than your mobile manufacturers adapter can lead to severe problems for the mobile and you

--> Amphere app indicated 250 - 700 mAh range. This is a low charging current, which means it can charge a typical 3000 mAh battery in about 3-4 hours max. Though it is slow, but it is VERY SAFE!

--> Note, if screen is always ON with google map and internet, the charging rate gets very slow, you can get 15% in 1 hour time. This is normal!

Finally, I have got a working one and I am happy. Charges at decent rate, so my mobile does not heat up. I really recommend this for your general purpose. It seems safe and reliable. Hope my review helps you, if so consider liking it and make it more helpful for others.
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