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Reviewed in India on 17 September 2018
in short : a cheap, well made, USABLE, RGB keyboard with multiple light modes.

1. mechanical keyboard (duh...)
2. my version has KAILH Brown switches (no clicky noise, very small activation bump, perfect for me). It is very rare to find Brown switches on budget keyboards, as you usually get Blues (i HATE blues, very noisy)
3. sturdy build (i have owned a regular membrane kb and a TVS Gold eBharat, and this keyboard blows them both out of the water. I could hit someone with it and it wont even dent, probably)
4. customizable back lit keys. (READ BELOW FOR DETAILS)
5. (personal) i got brown switches, and im super satisfied. they make no clicky noise, but still have a very slight bump, so they are perfect for use in office, where blues can irritate your co-workers.
6. very short key travel for activation. great for gaming.
7. long, braided cable. quite stiff, and is not floppy/bendy.

1. entire keyboard looks like section 377 of the indian penal code :P
2. cannot set color of lights. they are fixed. you can only turn them on or off. this means that green keys will stay green, they wont turn into yellow or red.
3. seriously, THATS IT.
4. you are getting a well made RGB keyboard with blue/brown switches for 3000 INR... what are you complaining about? the color? ok fine it looks kinda tacky, but its AMAZING to use.
5. some people might not like KAILH browns.

Light mode :
There are 6 preset light modes, 3 preset alternate modes and 3 customizable modes.
preset :
1. full light (entire keyboard is lighted, key turns off on press)
2. light on keypress (entire keyboard is off, key lights up on press)
3. row by row (lights each row 1 by 1 starting at bottom)
4. ocean wave (each key turns on and off slowly in a soothing, calming pattern)
5. pulse (entire keyboard slowly dims and lights up)
6. heartbeat (sends waves of light from the key you press.)
7. special preset 1, 2, 3 : lights up different sections of the keyboard. useful while gaming at night.
8. custom preset 1, 2, 3 : you can setup exactly which keys will light up. super useful.

Out of preset light modes, i tend to use 2 modes the most, "full light" and "light on keypress". three modes are for showing off, "ocean wave", "pulse", and "heartbeat". "heartbeat" is best for showing off, and is the deault mode.
It is not useful for working, very distracting.

I had my doubts about the KAILH switches, since they are not as highly valued as Cherry MX's, but from the 3 months i've used them, ive not had a single complaint. I do use the keyboard well, and i dont mash the keys (i use mostly touch type, another reason why i bought the browns).

im very satisfied.
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