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Reviewed in India on 18 June 2020
The only qualm I have about this book is that the first chapter wasn’t good.
It read like a bad wattpad book and rattled the expectations I had from the hype surrounding the book.

And then, it took me on the most fantastic rollercoaster of emotions that left me curled up in my bed, clutching my kindle to my heart. All because of Alex and Henry.
This book tugs at your heart, creeping in slowly like a puppy who only wants to be loved and in a matter of minutes, you come to this realization that you will go above and beyond for the puppy.

I am not a fan of enemy-to-lover relationships. Not sure why but I’ve never seen a realistic one that I could really buy. But this just knocked that dislike out of the ballpark and turned me into a fan.

(From this point on, there are very mild spoilers)

I shipped them the second they started bickering. Alex with his stupid ‘I secretly have a crush on you but will pretend to hate you’ remarks and Henry with his ‘I’m supposed to be stoic but you’re so freaking cute’. They made me laugh so hard, especially when they had to pretend to be friends and then when they realized they’d actually become friends. That scene with the turkeys left me gasping for air because it was just so hilarious.
The progression of their relationship was so well-done, especially with how they slowly came to a point where they were just comfortable being themselves with each other. And this was all without them even meeting.
And when they were going to meet again, I was clutching at my pearls with excitement. When I tell you that this book took me back to when I was a thirteen year old obsessed with reading, it was amazing how, as an adult, it is now rare that I find a gem of a book that leaves me sleepless, unproductive, and unwilling to do anything except reading.

My final note: those emails were the DEATH of me. Every chapter in the second half made me emotional and I will die for Henry and Alex. I will die for them.
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