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Reviewed in India on 25 October 2020
"Finally I Embraced Reality" is a story about a boy Aahan, who simply follows the "live and let live" rule. He always makes his life a struggling one by holding his insecurities and unsettling emotions. But all his ways Daksh who take care of him very much. Daksh is a perfect example for a true friendship.

So this is the story about this man Aahan who makes his pleasant life as a hell because of his unwanted feelings. He fell in love with Nainika, which was a best part of his life but unfortunately because of his insecurities and doubt they both got separated. And he doesn't have any chance to attach the broken heart all because of his ego.

So he started living his life along with Daksh accompany. In that situation an unexpected date have been fixed by Daksh where he meets Tanvi. Soon they both Aahan and Tanvi started getting so close, where Tanvi confessed her love to Aahan. But he was still living with Nainika in his dream world!!

*Will Aahan will give second chance to his love life?
*Or else he tries anything to mingle with Nainika?

Initially I felt little boring but after flipping through some pages it started going interesting eventhough it's a slow paced read. The author has really penned this story in a realistic way which is the main reason to love this book. The story is written in very simple and logical manner. I enjoyed reading this story thoroughly. It's a short story and best one for begginners. The character description can be done better. I recommend this book for begginners and love story readers.
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