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Reviewed in India on 12 October 2021
Today’s book in focus is S.B Akshobhya’s PREMA NAADA PANDITA. The story revolves around Naada, a loving and caring girl, and despite all the bad hands that life has dealt her, she has a kind heart and is willing to help everyone. She is lovingly called Prema Naada Pandita, owning to her “side-business” of counselling distraught boys and girls on love issues. But Naada was alone for a long time until Hayagriva came along, and she fell for him. Things get complicated when she is forced to make a decision for the Atris, the family responsible for Naada’s upbringing. Choosing between duty and love, what shall be Naada’s decision?
There is one word for this book, and that is Chaotic! Honestly, I have rarely read a book that is this all over the place. Reading the blurb, it might seem like a simple slice of life sort of story. It was anything but that. The book starts at a good pace, as we are gradually introduced to the characters and gain insight into their backgrounds. The pipeline gets distorted as the author tries to incorporate twists and turns, but they fall flat. The story was alright. However, the ragged narration did not appeal to me.
Coming to the characters, the author has written some genuinely entertaining characters. Hayagriva is a despicable character in hindsight, and so is Sumedha. No matter how much they say they respect Naada, that can’t negate what they had done. And in that spirit, the end does not make sense too. Life was cruel to her up until the end. Also, if Naada knew the human psyche that well, she would have known something was up. Now that was a total contradiction of her character. Achintya is overbearing sometimes but is lovable as a best friend and sister.
Overall, as I have stated above, I am not a big fan of the story. But I would definitely recommend the book to any reader looking to pass the time without hoping to gain anything from the book. So my rating is 3 stars out of 5 stars.
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