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Reviewed in India on 17 October 2019
~Well all i’ve got to say about this book did betray me.
~the first part of the book was soo good, i stayed up all night reading it & i was totally into this book.
~like literally it did have potential to become one of my favorites but the ending was kinda unsatisfying to me & there was a lot of chaos in part two.
~the best part of this book was Michael Holden......i absolutely adored his character, he’s like my favorite fictional character of the year. he’s so mysterious & different, one of a kind !!!!
~alice oseman writing is wonderful as always & all her books are so relatable to me including this book !!!!
~here’s the thing the book dealt with complex themes like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self harm, high school issues.
~I love the book totally but as i said part two did really messed it all.
~so there’s Tori spring our main character & she’s so confused when this weird boy, michael holden, enters into her life (again this is not a love story but kinda.....cute). and there’s solitaire ( a mysterious group run by some unknown students or maybe one ) who started to create annoyance & irritation by their pranks at school everyday.........and it’s bothering everyone !!!! including tori.
~As i said michael did save this book totally for me......i loved him so much & he’s so relatable, i don’t think so i’ll ever stop talking about him.
~it was really a good read though, just pick this book atleast for michael holden(5/5 ⭐️ to him ) lol.
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