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Reviewed in India on 25 April 2015
Amazing tale of an Iranian ex-royal family embroiled in politics of their land, as seen from a child's perspective. Not a comic, very graphic in a way though with quite many shades of humour. Great style of writing - Satrapi's picturization is sometimes as or more humorous than her words. Masterpiece work. Gives you a glimpse into the one of those lives amongst the many others on our planet, that people tend to group and generalize without sensitivity, into some not so great category & try to relegate them to some corner of their mind - & to their affairs & seemingly endless & frequent strifes they then sadly pay least attention to. Thus somewhere one may tend to forget how so human each of us are, across the world, despite all our seemingly endless differences & divergant lifestyles, cultures, experiences, tastes & opinions. As the gritty author writes in her preface itself, one can forgive but not forget - as lessons each of us learn is the lessons learnt by humanity. The book gave the sense yet again that the world history has an innate rhythm across the countries - seeming cycles like weak gaining strength & vice versa in the never ending loops we call life. Must read, friends - I will recommend it to anyone especially during the current age we live in where we need more understanding towards each other at least to prevent another self annihilation of humanity at the hands of humanity out of greed, hatred, differences et al
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