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Reviewed in India on 25 February 2017
First of all I love the way Varsha names the title of her Books. She has a knack of naming them with rhyming words. Secondly her art of weaving story based on love, relationships, friendship and family is well commendable and it makes the reader connect with the characters of the story.

First when i read the title, I thought food might be the main content of the story. (Though i was not wrong fully) But as i moved forward with the story i understood the real meaning behind the title.

In India, love and inter caste marriages are looked down, as if its a great sin. So, Imagine if a girl marries not only outside caste or region but to a person who is a foreigner.... all hell breaks loose. Parents boycott the girl, they refuse to acknowledge her existence etc etc. Typical Indian Mentality.

Varsha has captured this perfectly in Only Wheat Not White...

Lovely and apt title. Perfect title to perfect love story, perfect mixture of love, romance and family. And When the story is based on India how can food be left behind. So a perfect fusion of Indian n foregin cuisine in one part of the book actually had me drooling and made me hungry.

Keep up the good work... cant wait to read more of your creations with rhyming title.
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