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Reviewed in India on 27 November 2018
This book shows what happened when runt was away from villagetown. Very nice book showcasing the struggle of eebs from complete neophyte to half nub :)
Eebs will apparently become the greatest teacher ever since he can transfer monster abilities to humans nd NPCs
Could please add me as a charecter 0-0
Charecter idea:-

Name: CharlieTheOne

Hair: Orange

Eye color: reddish orange

Race: Human

Personality: Confident and loyal

Tagline: Do not question me, please.

Axeman 15
I dunno you add some but i want him to be stealthy and fast, like really fast, do not put to many pts on vitality

He wields a (¬|_
like 2 axes joined at the end if you nknow what i mean

Teleport 3
Absorb 5
few basic abiliteis and some buff abilities please
Clone:-Creates identical clones which vanish after some time
Overload:-Does 2000% dmg and sends a shockwave in the direction of the attacks which deals the same amount of dmg

Kolb's close friend

Please consider


check my review on atheria offline and WV16
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4.6 out of 5
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