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Reviewed in India on 2 September 2019
This is probably the first game I'm giving a 5 star on amazon. This game is really really beautiful and very fun to play.

First of all, I want to point out something. People who are saying that the disk is Indian version aren't aware of the fact no ps4 game is marketed in India. I mean this. The ps4 has no market in India if you're buying games offline. You can verify it by checking the ratings - if it's rated as PG-XX it's the European version and if it is rated as ESRB - E/M/A/AO then it's the American version. India does not have an officially approved rating board for video games as yet because the games market in India is insignificant. Offline copies of any game you buy from amazon are either American or European in all cases. So keep this in mind when you're buying any game because if you buy a game without a dlc, you won't be able to buy the dlc for that game through an Indian account. The PS store will not let you. You'd have to make a new account pertaining to the region the disk has come from.

That said, let's come to the game. I got the European version of the disk. You get the whole game in the disk plus the frozen wilds dlc. There's a small patch of about 320MB after you insert the disk which should pose no problem in this day and age of cheap broadband internet. The game is work of art. Voice acting is phenomenal. Graphics and particle effects are breathtaking. Just go ahead and buy it. You won't regret spending money on it. Not only is it cinematic, it also has amazing gameplay. Sneaking through grasses and killing robots is really cool. Far cooler than the gameplay of tomb raider reboot games.
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