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5 November 2019
1. Till now, I was a 3M microfiber cloth guy. I still am but these AmazonBasics cloth isn't that bad.
2. The price point is amazing. I think for this price you get one microfiber cloth from 3M. This is a very nice change in pace.
3. Although this is very thin when compared to its 3M competition, you can use it in all instances.
4. The size of each cloth is smaller than I'm used to. But I guess that's fine considering I would always fold and use other microfiber cloth.
5. The main application for me is washing cars/bikes. I typically use 3 to 4 pieces for one wash. One for soap application, one to dry it, one for wax polish, and the other one to dress tyres or clean chain.
6. It's very easy to wash. Especially oil and grease. It goes away like magic if you wash it immediately. My blue cloth was almost completely black. I washed it soon after and now it's all blue again.

Overall a very good product. I would recommend it for everyday in and around the house use. It lacks in size but it makes up for it in quantity.
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