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Reviewed in India on 17 July 2018
The first book that I had read of Rhonda Byrne was "THE SECRET". The Book is so powerful and it has changed my life, the way to think positive and to achieve everything in life. You will always regret that why this book was not came early in my life. I was shocked that everything I was thinking is not at all far than me. I have followed all the rules that has been given in the book with all faith. And guess what, it really worked. It's like magic, you just think of anything you want in life, and it starts coming towards you. Just go and order it guys, especially who have lose faith in themselves and think that life is full of bad things and problems. I would recommend you all to read 4 books of Rhonda Byrne i.e. THE SECRET, HERO, JAADU and SHAKTI.

This is the Hindi version of The Secret. The book starts by introducing the readers to the Law of Attraction in a simple way. The author descriptively talks about this law in the book and explains how it can be applied for the greater benefit of mankind. She emphasizes on the power of thought and urges readers to stay positive if they want to grow into fine human beings. She says that this positive power gets passed on to the universe and spreads positivity all around. There are two main concepts that the author lays maximum stress on; the first one being visualization and the second one being gratitude. She says in this book that people who are grateful will find it easy to be optimistic and shall be able to achieve their goals. Visualization, on the other hand, will help people to identify their respective dreams and change them into reality. He or she will have a clear picture of their inner desires. She is of the firm belief that a human being can achieve anything in life, if he stays optimistic and positive. And, when the person is positive the universe also responds to sin a positive manner to him. The reason her books sell like hot cakes, as cited by many readers, is that she gives her readers practical guidelines that help them to put the Law of Attraction into effect. This helps them to have better relationships, wealth and health. The book has ample examples of people who have been benefitted by applying this Law to their life. The book can be read by people, from all backgrounds. The book has a movie adaptation by the same name. It is in the list of top twenty bestselling books in the US in the last fifteen years. It has been sold in 46 languages to reach more people.

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