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Reviewed in India on 21 April 2020
(I voluntarily reviewed an eARC of the book on For The Love of Fictional Worlds)

First Comes Scandal becomes my introduction to the Bridgerton world – and it is honestly a very cute and adorable one!

Georgiana Bridgerton is ruined – and honestly through no fault of her own, to be honest; a man kidnaps her with the sole purpose of forcing her into marriage – a man whose name I won’t even deign to mention; because he doesn’t even deserve the courtesy – she rescues herself and yet she is the one who has to pay the price of being kidnapped by being forced to marry to protect her “reputation”.

To be fair though, neither her parents nor her brother are the villainous types – they have supported her throughput the ordeal; but even their hands are shackled by the rules of thee society.

Enter Nicholas Rokesby – he is studying to be a doctor when he is urgently summoned by his father home in the middle of his exams – he has no idea what fate awaits him; but the last thing he expects his father ordering him to offer for Georgina’s hand in marriage, because of the recent turn of events.

He might not want to at first; but he is an honourable man; so he does because he knows it is the right thing to do. What he doesn’t expect is the simple straight “No” delivered to his proposal!

What I loved is that Georgie and Nicholas already had the foundation of a childhood friendship guiding them; but it was more delightful to see them discover tidbits about each other that they hadn’t expected to be charmed or enamored with!

There is not a whole lot of drama in this one; but what it does have is adventure – adventure of finding a partner who surprises you at each turn, of finding a partner more than a spouse in your life but most of all finding the pleasure of true love you didn’t even expect in your life!
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