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Reviewed in India on 22 October 2019
Mixed in patrol tank of Suzuki Access 125 which has just 18 thousand Kms in 3 years on odometer. I have always been struggling with engine knocking on the New model of Access 125cc and was told at workshop that it is an engine design limitation. I even rode on couple of scooters that came for service and the mechanic was not lying!!! SO I have given up on that sound.
I am leery of so called ‘addictives’ as most of time they are nothing but snake oil in different brand names. But I just happen to came across this ‘shooter’ and ordered on a whim. Poured the bottle in full tank of 6.5 ltr patrol and started back home. Barely 1.5 km and suddenly I felt the engine was acting much stress free and even the exhaust note was little softer. Feeling good about this ‘perceived’ change I took a longish detour to home and opened up throttle on empty road. No, the Access did not become Yamaha Rajdoot 350 but I have never experienced such a free working engine on a scooter ever before. The engine wanted to get pushed more and more; no matter how wide I open the throttle and listen to knocking sound I have become accustomed to when the engine is asked to race under load. Zilch, I heard no knocking whatsoever.
On the other hand, could I have been using bad quality petrol for 3 years, that suddenly improved by this ‘octane booster’? I don’t know for sure but this has made me consider such possibly now. Presently this product works as advertised and I am happy with the results. But I am taking 1 star off because of the price point. How many people want to spend Rs 250/- on every filling of 6 to 10 ltrs (as recommended on the product)? My every trip to petrol pump is around 6 lttr and I certainly don’t see myself spending extra Rs 40 per ltr as recommended, Rs 105 per ltr for 1 ltr of petrol in a scooter? No way, not even Rs 20 if I cut back and pour just 40ml of product.
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