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1 November 2019
First the mundane things...At 165 pages, it is a size that does not overwhelm you. It is not hard bound which I consider a waste of money .Amazon delivers it at the doorsteps at a discount @ ..a cost which I can afford . Devdutt Pattnaik's name on the cover assured me that it wont be a "heavy" reading.

I had read that the book is based on the Puranic story of a sage , his wife & two female disciples. But I am not familiar with that story. So, I start reading the book with a clean slate. The narrative quickly takes grip and I am unable to keep the book down. I had thought that , being a graphic novel with less text and more pictures, I will finish it in no time. But almost every page has a sentence which holds your attention and forces you to absorb its relevance to the illustration. There is just no rushing through this book.

Author has drawn on everyday observations of flora & fauna around us and finds deep meanings relevant to the present age. We are brought up to revere the so called "learned" sages who renounce worldly pleasures. But in Aranyaka , we have a plump housewife, Katyayani, who just manages the ashram kitchen , ultimately proved as a person far superior to the sage. We discover that the other two intellectually superior women in the narrative, identified in the story simply as " the weaver" & " the fig", ultimately find better life lessons to be learnt from Katyayani and her kitchen than the sage , known in the story by a cryptic name Y.

I had read Amruta's earlier graphic novel " Parv " and also some of Devdutt Pattanaik's popular books on Indian mythology. Both have their own unique style. I was curious how and why these two authors decided to collaborate. Last few pages of the book , therefore, made interesting reading to satisfy my curiosity. I would say the collaboration has worked well to give us a thought-provoking interesting reading experience.
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