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21 December 2018
As I invested 11 precious hours of my life on reading this book cover to cover ; I think I'm eligible to comment on its content . Then let me inform you friends that "ANYTHING BUT CONTENT " is present in this book . The book starts with a story at a pace so slow that it tests your patience to the extent of boredom . But I kept my patience and continued . And you know what I found ? Initial part of book is full of long insipid monologues and YOU CAN SKIP FIRST 8 CHAPTERS ( 26% OF BOOK ) WITHOUT ANY GUILT . The author present only vague data and fancy quotes copied from internet or bestseller books . There is NO SOLID , RELIABLE & PRACTICAL ADVICE as you expect from a (highly marketed ) Master called Robin Sharma . This is not a time management / life management book . It seems to be a boring travelogue of some eccentric rich person. The idea of its creators is " WHEN YOU ARE LACKING A SCRIPT ; THEN CREATE A SCENE " . Let me elaborate this . Here is a piece from masterpiece taken as it is . { An assistant wearing a crisp shirt the color of the sky and pressed Bermuda shorts the hue of a tomato, with red leather sandals, ran down from the home of the titan of industry. } I must tell you that almost 80 % of the book is full of such paragraphs where Cars , Helicopters , Beaches , islands , vineyards , female character's blouse fitting is discussed when you are expecting some life changing advice . There is also a Non sense chapter on Taj Mahal . I want to ask the author what emperor Shah Jahan's (debatable) love for his wife has to do with my morning routine ?
In the conclusion , I must say that author didn't put serious efforts while writing this book . When you are popular celebrity ; you develop a tendency to RELY MORE ON MARKETING & LESS ON CRAFT . And that's what Sharma Ji did . It is an avoidable book . Amazon's format doesn't allow my to rate anything lesser than 1 ; otherwise I wanted to rate it 0.5 .
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