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Reviewed in India on 30 September 2020
Ratings: 4.7/5

If you’re sucker for cutesy, mushy, opposites attract romance stories, this is a must read. Other than the obvious ‘love in the air’ vibe, what makes this book a great read are the ample funny and chuckle worthy one-liners and moments.

What I liked about the book:
—> That it talks from both the lead character’s PoVs.
—> Vihana’s ‘breath of fresh air’ character.
—> The bonding between the three brothers.
—> The bonding between Alisha and Arjun which is so comfortable and doesn’t bring in any sort of envy from their respective partners, Vihana and Vihaan.
—> Disha’s no-nonsense attitude.
—> Vihana’s ‘all under one roof’ boutique and the way it has been described. SOMEBODY PLEASE PUT THIS BUSINESS IN BUSINESS!!! I want to visit this boutique so much.
—> The way it talks about and handles physical ailments and illnesses, and how it affects us.
—> The ample funny as well as romantic moments between Arjun and Vihana. Kudos to the author for this because both of these have been equally well written.
—> The way the women stand up for each other, right from Arjun’s mom to Vihana, Alisha and even Disha.
—> How it delivers the ‘age is just a number’ message via both the lead couples, aka Arjun and Vihana as well as Vihan and Alisha.

What I did not like about the book:
—> The ending scene which talked about the ‘more’ between Arjun and Vihana, for over two paragraphs, felt too mushy and dramatic.
—> Vihana’s family dynamic was a little confusing to keep up with (she has three brothers) and I wish we got to know more about her life before she met Arjun.

Quotable quotes:
—> It was 6 AM on a Sunday morning. If someone didn’t want to see him in his boxers, they shouldn’t be ringing his doorbell.
—> Anyone who beamed at six on a Sunday morning was demented as far as he was concerned.
—> Who wore crystal studded jeans at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning?
—> He remembered what it felt like. To laugh with his wife over dinner as they discussed work and their respective days. To watch a mindless, boring movie. To fight with a passion and fury that ended in an even more passionate reconciliation. To plan something exciting for a birthday or anniversary. He remembered what it was like. To feel. To love. To live.
—> Diet and chips are not words that should ever be used together.
—> Part of the joy and pleasure she would get out of it was in triumphing over the struggle that the journey presented her with.
—> Food had been her source of comfort from when she was a child.
—> If this was about carbs again, Vihana was going to have to rise up in defence of carbohydrates. Honestly, they were a much maligned food group.
—> Sangeets are not about the performance. They’re about love, about family and most importantly, about celebrating life.
—> “Loving someone is a risk.”
“Then why take it?”
“Because the payoff is huge”
—> Don’t let the worry of the future ruin what we could have in the present.
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