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Reviewed in India on 8 February 2020
The good:
After a loooooong time, a book made me shiver. The room, otherwise stuffy and humid, felt cold. Not the pleasing cold that cheers one up. The cold seemed to be invading my body from within. THAT gets induced only when cold characetrs are built up and placed in an environment that is full of death lurking around - invisibly. Oh yes! This one really had me there.
The bad:
From the beginning it was clear that we have a case of several unreliable narrators. That might have added to the intriguing nature of the mystery. But from the readers' perspective, that took away most of the charm.
The ugly:
I could see the ending by the time we, i.e. me and the author, were less than halfway through.
Nevertheless, this is a potent read. It's a cold, dark, unforgiving book that leaves you chilled.
Only, you would NEVER go back to it.
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