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Reviewed in India on 20 October 2018
Good electronic drum set for beginners, the metal stand could be a bit more robust. the mesh heads are great with high sensitivity and good feel, for my drums have not been able to get the cymbal choke function to work even though the brochure says it works on one of the cymbals. The 40 preset kits are nice though some of the sounds are repeated, still each sound can be varied through the nitro module for pitch, volume & equaliser so gives you a lot of options to create a sound that you like, the built in 400 sounds can help you create custom kits. Practice sessions, metronome and record functions are nice. Now some things which could be better are snare head, the size is too small to be able to play with normal sticking of left hand, some how for me only traditional grip on left hand stick gives me the correct angle to strike comfortably without hitting the rim every time..Tom's and foot pedals are good quality and with good sensitivity no bugs here, head phones work well but could have better gain for a louder sound. The looping system for connecting your mobile or Mac through the nitro module is good for playing drumless tracks and you don't need a seperate mixer for this, however the mixing achieved through this is not very good as it tends to subdue the drum sound and exagerates the sound from the mobile...maybe some gain issues, hence I tend to use an external mixer, which works much better but then you can't use the record function of the module with a backing track being looped directly into the amp through the mixer. Setting up the kit is a breeze, and you can have it up and running in 30 minutes with some help on hand, alone unpacking to assembly will take about an hour or more to set up.make sure that you have a rug or a carpet under the kit and the kick drum tower is positioned against a wall else the tower will move, high hat pedal is pretty decent and also has a velcro kind of thing in the bottom so if you place it on a rug, it stays in its place.Though a little expensive as compared to other entry level kits, this has a lot more to offer and is relatively future proof to a certain extent... actually till you decide to upgrade to accoustic and can be used as back up or practice even then.Go for it....
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