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Reviewed in India on 10 March 2020
Most of us don't even realise that we lack self love until life hits us hard and teaches us the lesson that we want to run away from..this book is a wonderful guidance on self love. It is written from a personal perspective and hence it connects deeply with the readers...some of the concepts hit straight to home like the wisdom always comes after the pain or the blessings come only after the lessons..this entire book connects at a soul level for anyone looking for answers in life and improving the self. The chapters discuss how to act upon cultivating self love in daily lives and it is a very practical approach..this is a book, which you would want to reread again and again since if it needs to be inculcated into your daily routine, it has to be reminded from time to time...I liked it so much that I ended up buying both the paperback version and the kindle version...highly recommended for anyone on a self realisation journey
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