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Reviewed in India on 10 September 2020
I *think* it causes dryness bec my puppy has been scratching herself BUT BUT BUT, HAVING SAID THAT, I'm a total neat and ggerm freak and after her bath (as opposed to how some PPL say before) I always sit w tweasers to pull out ticks. The first time I bathed her in this, there were a few left and I did pull them out the following week. THE SECOND TIME SHE TOOK A BATH, I think I found MAYBE 3 ticks in her coat, and it is very possible that those clung on from her bed. Her coat is totally clean but the scabs do still itch her. I bathe her once a week with this, she's two months old. Will continue this treatment another 2 weeks and hopefully they will not return post that. A+.
Mind you my puppy is an indie, she was so infested with ticks that she was passed out when I adopted her. Now she's a total devil who runs around and chews on furniture and steals my slippers. Her paws used to be BLACK because there were over 500 ticks that I think I picked out over this course, easily.
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