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Reviewed in India on 12 February 2019
Bought this camera as a gift for a photography enthusiast friend of mine who used his 8 years old point and shoot camera and his smartphone for his photography and wasn't ready to invest in a good DSLR. I just missed reading the fact that this camera is NON-RETURNABLE and is only replaceable within 7 days if the received product is dysfunctional.

This is an awful camera choice if you really like taking pictures. Surely you can go for this if you "JUST" want to capture a decent photo and forget about it, as we already do with 'more than decent' camera available in our smartphones these days.

Do not, I repeat, Do not fall for its super ZOOM functionality. It basically captures a big photo, crops it and displays it on the screen which looks good on the camera's LED but looks very poor on a good display screen, even on a 5 inch mobile phone screen.
All it appears to do is exactly what I could do in Lightroom, crop and enlarge the picture. And just like what happens in Lightroom, if you crop and enlarge too much it looks horrible.

I don't know if it is the digital zoom, the image stabilization, or some other factor, but this camera does not live up to modern digital camera standards. I own several Canon DSLR cameras and have used Canon for over 15 years but this purchase makes me leery of ever buying one again.

To add to that it feels cheaply made compared to earlier models, like a toy. Get an extended warranty IMHO.
Battery life is poor.
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