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Reviewed in India on 16 January 2017
** Product Verification **
● I have seen many reviews where buyers have concerns over the genuinness of their purchase. You can verify your purchase at Yonex website using the serial number
● The serial number can be revealed by scratching the hologram label. Goto the website 'sunrisetnt' and enter this code there; it's case-sensitive. The site will tell you whether your purchase is genuine or not

** Performance **
● I am an amateur and play on outdoor clay court
● I normally use 350, but have played extensively using 10 for a long time
● The nylon cap makes the shuttle a bit heavier and is quite fast
● The flight behaviour is very different and starts losing flight quite late
● The skirt does not develop cracks quite fast and the base also stays strong for longer
● This shuttle is for people playing only for exercise who does not see the game seriously
● After a few games, the base loses its grip on the shuttle and it starts rotating. But this is not affecting the shuttle behaviour as per my evaluation. A shuttle lasts for around 15 to 20 games before it starts showing signs of disintegration

** Major Differences between popular Shuttlecocks **
● Mavis 10
- Mavis 10 has a nylon base, other shuttles compared here have cork base. So, this lasts longer and best suited for practise sessions
- The flight performance has the least resemblance to feather shuttles. So if you practise for tournaments, I suggest not to use this. If you are a beginner who plays for exercise, Mavis 10 is a good choice
● Mavis 300 & 350
- Both these have cork base and nylon feathers
- These shuttles are a tad slower than Mavis 10 and behaviour is closer to feather shuttles in performance when compared with 10
- If you are an amateur who is serious about badminton, this is the best shuttles for you to purchase
- Most of the badminton trainers and coaching centers use either 300 or 350
- I could not experience any difference between 300 and 350, but many people think 350 is better in terms of flight path and durability and my choice of shuttles are 350
● Mavis 500
- This has got cork base and nylon feathers
- These are closer to feather shuttles in terms of flight behaviour & feel than 300/350 and the rate at which it slows down is faster. These shuttles provide more precision & control, and obviously are costlier
- Having said all these, you may not be able to spot much difference even if you are an advanced amateur. However, I have observed that the skirt starts cracking quicker than 350
● Mavis 2000
- This has got the best flight behaviour of all the above and is mostly used for tournaments if feather shuttle is not used. These shuttles are light and the speed & sturdiness are the closest to feather shuttles
● Feather Shuttles
- Nylon shuttlecocks can never match the flight behaviour of feather shuttles. If you want to gain clear control, feel, touch and master different strokes, you have to play on feather shuttles
- One of the major differences in behaviour with nylon shuttles is the dramatic slowing down of feather shuttles. Professionals and serious badminton players use feather shuttles that helps them gain superior techniques and precision control
● Cap Colour
- The colours on cap indicate the speed of the shuttle. When the climate is hot, the air resistance will be less thus making the shuttle travel faster than in cold conditions. This is compensated by using slower shuttles in hot conditions and faster shuttles in cold conditions
- Green cap is the slowest shuttle. You have to put in more power to push the shuttle to the back of the court. This is more suitable for hot and humid weather or at high altitudes
- Blue cap shuttles have medium speed and is most suited for areas where temperature is around 20 degrees
- Red is the fastest of the three and is best for temperatures around 10 degrees and at low altitudes where the air is denser
- I live in Kerala and I normally pick the green cap
● Shuttle Colour
- Colour of shuttle does not have any significance. Yellow shuttles have got more visibility over the white ones

** Summary **
● All these shuttles look almost the same. The main physical difference you can see is the size of holes in the mesh on the shuttle skirt. There are other differences in the cap material, weight of the cap, etc. that determines the behaviour of the shuttle
● If you are an amateur beginner who plays for exercise, Mavis 10 is enough which is cheaper and have the most life
● 300 or 350 is best suited if you are amateur but a serious gamer. I don't really know the difference between 300 and 350, but many people say 350 is a better one
● 500 is recommended if you want to experience shuttle behaviour closer to feathers as an amateur
● 2000 is recommended for aspiring professionals incase you don't have the luxury to practise with feathers
● Having said all these, I have to disclaim that this is from my own experience of playing the game and many players I have spoken with have different opinions, especially on the difference between 300, 350 and 500.
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