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Reviewed in India on 28 October 2021
I liked how the title has been given to this book as in the story you will be finding the relevance strongly. Life never goes the same and shows us sudden turns when we expect them the least. Reading about such stories makes us wise and aware of the happenings so that we can receive a bit assistance to get along with it.

Bella is the apple of the eye of her family and gets everything as easily as possible. Love, attention, and every emotional support she receives from her family. When this seems to be a normal life for her she meets with a pathetic accident and becomes startled by her situation. Andrew being an emergency medical associate saves people from that accident and eventually helps Bella too to regain consciousness. How life introduces struggles to Bella and gives her the strength too to fight and what’s with Andrew’s role here is what intrigues us to read further.

Sharing the stories of how struggle appears in someone’s life and how pathetic the journey can be can be noble as it teaches us about the uncertainty of life. Bella’s plot was made correctly but how the narration went on further didn’t attract me much. I got the point of the book but it seemed a bit dragging to me even though it was a short read. Andrew’s character was respected by me as such is the support we all crave all our lives. The author has observed well before penning down her words and those are well thought too. I found the presentation a bit bland as I expected much better from the story despite being a fictional one. Overall an overwhelming read and recommended to beginners.
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