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Reviewed in India on 27 June 2015
The last time I had written a review on the Kindle, I had argued that the Kindle with a leather cover which has a light, is better than a Paperwhite. Well, I stand corrected, now since the price of a Paperwhite is down to Rs. 8,999. I am not sure how much of a difference would 212 ppi make vs 300 ppi, but I am sure it wouldn't be worth Rs. 2000. Also, the battery for the new generation will last lesser than the previous generation ( 6 weeks as against 8 weeks of the previous generation, according to Amazon comparison )

Why I bought Paperwhite?
I had a Kindle, with an Amazon light cover. When I gave it to my father, I could have bought the same again, but went for a Paperwhite instead. Paperwhite has a built in light, which makes the pages white in colour as compared to Kindle's off white pages. This makes reading that more pleasurable. At night, a Paperwhite is uniformly lit, while a Kindle with a light cover has a single source of lighting at the top, which makes it non uniform, and by the time you reach the end of the page, the light is almost useless.
I am not even comparing it with iPad, Kindle Fire, or other devices on which you can read books, cause they suck at it.

Is it worth Rs. 8,999?
Well, a Kindle comes at Rs. 4,999. Add to that a cover with light Rs. 3,699 comes to Rs. 8,698. A Paperwhite will need a cover, which start at Rs. 699. Kindle has a ppi of 167 while Paperwhite has 212 ppi, but truly speaking, when you're engrossed in a book, it doesn't matter at all. Both are equally good and clear. After doing the above math, conclusion is, if you read in the daytime or are lucky enough to have a wife who doesn't tell you to turn off the light at night, Kindle would be a better purchase for you. As for others, who prefer reading a book to sleep, Paperwhite with its uniform lighting is a better purchase.

Next question: New Paperwhite for Rs. 10,999 or previous generation Paperwhite for Rs. 8,999 ?
The only difference between the two is ppi ... 300 vs 212, and the battery life ... 6 weeks vs 8 weeks. To be very true, I have not seen the new Paperwhite screen, so not sure how good the 300ppi looks, but for reading, even the Kindle with 167 ppi was good enough for me.
Thus for now, I would rather have a 212 ppi screen with more battery life at a cheaper price than otherwise.
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