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Reviewed in India on 15 October 2021
The Story begins with a positive image of Andrew who saves the lives of people from accidents and Bella is one of those individuals who has been saved.

Bela, A young lady, a princess of fabulous fortunate who fulfill all her desires in a moment of an eye blink, strangulated in the storm of demoniac impact and galloped in the complex layers of impediments, and challenging against unexpected happenings in her life from the adored one.

While she loses her hope, An angel builds her faith, coagulates the disintegrated fragments of her life, translates her broken parts to a unified form, shapes her to be self-confident, stubborn and shrouding her with inner strength, boosting her identity & dignity to face the challenging circumstances to bring an unforgettable experience while facing and winning.

Setting an attractive background, compelling climax looks very cohesively synchronized, the character movement sequence and the story flow with the fluid writing witness the author's strong presentation.

Eye-catching Cover & Title of the Book brings surprisingly attraction & interest to grab the book.
I liked it.
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