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Reviewed in India on 13 October 2018
When I purchased this camera I was new to photography with such a type of camera. Now I am 2k+ photos experienced. Said that I would also state I am nowhere near even to say I know 1% of basics of photography. I just do it the way it pleases me.
Some of my pics I have shared here. None of them is edited. Just captured in manual mode. With a range of settings control. This is show the versatility of the camera.
Coming to the camera.. The pros and cons which I would mention in layman's language

1. You can take picture of cute smile of person sitting next to you and decently detailed photo of moon with the same camera without the issues of replacing the lens
2. The cost is very cheap for the quality of pics its providing, given that you should know how to handle it and use its features to its best of ability.
3. It captures the details of the picture very well. Refer the different pics linked alongwith this comment.
4. With the help of Cannon app one can easily transfer photos from camera to mobile instantly, it uses mobile wifi to do it., so the speed of transferring is extremely good.
5. One can start playing with following three settings to learn to take good quality pics in manual mode: 1) aperture setting, 2) shutter speed and 3) ISO. If you have time try to read about it on internet, else you can simply learn by changing it and observe what is happening. Else, auto mode is always there for those who don't want to do it. Only thing is you are not always assured of the quality of the pics. The range of these settings are more in high end cameras which 8 out of 10 times we won't feel its necessary.
6. Lightweight: I feel, It falls in feather weight category of the cameras out there! At times when I am carrying its case I just press it and see to be sure whether the camera is inside it or not. This is a disadvantage with high end cameras since the lens weights adds up which makes it inconvenient.

1. Only issue I felt was the maximum number of photos one can capture in a single charge is just 200! A normal dslr captures any where between 400-600 pics in once charge!
But considering the price this short coming can also can be neglected. Else carrying an additional battery can sort that issue too.

For all the beginners and photo enthusiasts out there who are not interested in shelling out too much bucks pick up this one and capture the beautiful moments around you. You won't regret a bit.
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