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Reviewed in India on 16 September 2018
As the tagline says, the book is about three lives, their stay in five cities where their paths meet and how it culminates in forming a start-up company.

It is the story of Myra, who is contemplating to make the jump into entrepreneurship but has other choices, Kabir who wants to be an entrepreneur though he lives a good life and Sandy who is living an half entrepreneur life. They all cherish to start a company, but how and when? The initial part of the book explains how these characters go on with life unable to push themselves to make the jump. A sudden change in the situation and they grab the opportunity to tread into unknown waters. How the tread is and what all obstacles they face, form the rest of the book.

The events in the story span for about five months and so I feel that a long story has been cut short to pull in audience. The story has much more to deliver but the author keeps it straight digressing in very few instances.

The book is written as the mind voice of Myra and Kabir. The writing is simple and inspiring too. The role played by the fourth character, Ramy, stands out and remains in the back of your mind, though it has only brief mentions. Kudos to the author for creating this impression. The climax of the story has a hint of a Bollywood movie making the entire story unbelievable. I like the small twist at the end, though it does not make any difference to the story.

Overall, it is somewhere between okay and good and can be read when you are in a reading slump. I also recommend it for those who have the entrepreneurial trait; it definitely has something to inspire. I would suggest that the cover design could have been better.

A book, worthy of chewing and digestible in parts.
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