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Reviewed in India on 2 September 2018
NOT Everyday you come across a book, which will keep you guessing till the very end. Neither, you always come across a book, reading of which does not bore you. Well, this is such type of a book. A perfect blend of Thriller, Mythology, History, Travel Documentary and Fiction. The writing of the book is so perfect that it kept me glued to it till the very end, forgetting about time and day. I can perfectly say that not anyone but this author is the Indian Dan Brown. 
                 The book is completely based on the great Indian Epic, The Mahabharata. It begins with the murder of a retired Nuclear Scientist, Vikram Singh. But before dying he left some clues for his nephew, about the location of a great secret from the days of the Mahabharata, hidden by King Ashoka the Great in the 244 BC. Then starts the awesome tale of deciphering the clues by Vijay, the nephew, along with some of his friends. Also, a dangerous enemy, a terrorist group is after the secret, getting of which may make them World Superpower. We journeyed through different parts of the country with the characters to see and decipher the clues, riddles left on the Ashokan Edicts and Sculptures and relics, to follow the trail of the Secret of the Nine, and at the end revealing the secret. Also during the journey, we also come to know that a pleasant Love Story is growing between two of the characters. We come across the level of the friendship between Colin and Vijay.
                   During reading the book, I was always finding it like the Movie, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. The experience was similar. But one drawback I want to point out that, so many bloodsheds might not be required at the end. Anyhow, this book is awesome. The Writing style, the use of words are so good and so easy that anyone who is not familiar with typical English writing, can read this book without putting down. 
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