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18 August 2018
Litrally the best Gaming Mouse i could find under 500 INR !!!
Pros : Low Price (compared to others its low as hell and i mean it.)

Good Looks, Nice flashy blue light which lights up when u touch or move the mouse a little! The Matte look
makes it look even better and premium! the glossy sides doesn't rlly look that bad as u think...

The 1.8m long braided fibre cable is just stunning... and the USB connector is gold plated and looks nice.

This Mouse provides you with 4 selectable DPI settings viz. 800, 1200, 2000 and 3200.

Blue Sensor Technology is pretty impressive as it works on almost all surfaces except the really glossy and shiny
ones! but that wont be an issue! you can use on a book or just a cheap mouse pad !

Cons : Scroll wheel isn't that good to be honest but if u dont play games which need scroll wheel alot then it'll
be just fine!

A bit bigger for people with small hands! if you use those old small mice then it may be a problem.

Light isn't as good as it's just the blue sensor which makes it light up but for this price it just rocks.

Customizable buttons are of cheap quality i must say! if you press 1 both get pressed mostly and they are not
exactly where u want them to be like not exactly where your thumb reaches as u hold it normally!

Overall, i think it's really a Great deal for this Price so if you're on Budget and u want a gaming mouse for light games! or surfing internet!
Looks good and works just fine and at this price range i guess its the only one !! so just go for it ! i got it for 440 something and you can too get it under 500! and it'll amaze you ! just go for it if ur on budget and looking for it!

ALSO : if you want to customize the 2 side buttons just download X-Mouse button control because the red gear site doesn't provide you with any software as far as i know! :)

Thank you! you took few minutes reading my review !
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