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15 November 2019
GUESS WHAT it works on Xbox Kinect! and very sturdy! Kinect is very heavy!
It also handles the camera very well.
Unlike other brands! Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod (50-Inch) has beaten all Tripods in the market.
Close your eyes! and buy it !! I will not repeat it!
Also, do it with care there are a couple things you need to know how to use
there are 3 types
Left to right movement
Up and down movement ( big Rod) with silver
and Tall neck Giraffe mode (Screws in the middle.
Also a balancer for the center a tube which lets you know that your focus in not tilting..
you need to take care of the tripod leg. if you do one kick on it! You know the result.. so don't try this at home LOL!
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