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Reviewed in India on 26 November 2018
I bought this for a lactating stray who can be fussy but usually relishes Pedigree products. Since she is a nursing mother I wanted to give her some calcium & vitamin supplements and tried drools. I bought this calcium tablet and drools Vitamin gravy supplement but unfortunately, she didn't take to either of them.
Owing to her aversion to this product, I cut 1 tablet up into pieces and blend it with the Pedigree gravy that she loves to make her have it.

I have to add a word about the smell. It's revolting, simply yukkie! It can be worse for a vegetarian. I would suggest you avoid this product if you're a vegetarian as it will be a task for you to feed this to a dog, especially one that refuses to eat it.

Giving this 2 stars mainly for the difficulty in making a dog eat it. I wouldn't know if the Calcium supplement is working.

All things considered I am disheartened that this product doesn't even entice a stray. That should sum it up.

I gave it 2 stars initially but upgrading it to 3 stars now. The reason for this turnaround is a recent happening. A 3 month old stray pup (the above mentioned dog's puppy) was limping one day and the cause is unknown. I tried to feed this calcium supplement and it didn't resist. I gave it 1 tab a day and it stopped limping in a week's time! I also did a host of other home remedies like giving it turmeric, hot compress, etc and that's why I am not entirely sure if I must give all the credit to this Calcium supplement. Regardless, I am glad I can feed it to puppies, who unlike adult dogs don't seem to be repulsed by it.
If you have a limping puppy, this is worth trying!
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