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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 8 February 2021
There has been plenty of hype on this book. An objective read shows that all that is misplaced. If you are an avid reader of fiction and thrillers, you will feel the artificially constructed sequences, scenes and dialogues. The language too, is plain and is common to most of the thriller books. Almost every alternate sentence in the conversations, ends with a question: like, is it not? Does it not? Was he? Could it be? … ad nauseam.
The twists in the story appear to be highly contrived, or, “manufactured”.
One person, single-handedly tying up two persons to chairs is unrealistic, even for story.
The story too is bleak and black. It is about a psychotherapist and a patient. After reading the book, the reader may most probably decide never to go to a psychotherapist in his life.
OK, if you want some fun reading for the week end, and no classical books are at hand.
This is an honest, unbiased (please note) review.
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