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Reviewed in India on 7 January 2020
Working in Corporates means success and professional growth on the periphery, however, leaders who have been in the business for decades will vouch for the values they stand by. To stand by their values or to give into the
temptations businesses offers for quick success is obviously a personal conflict. Shawn Vij, a very successful global leader, penned down this step by step practical guide on how be successful in the corporate world without compromising on our values.

Shawn starts the book quoting his meeting with His Holiness The Dalai Lama and how one meeting helped him immensely when he felt lost amidst all the professional success. The chapters of the book hence have a reference to a Sanskrit word and few teachings of Buddhism are touched upon in between. The author explains how moral values are relevant in the most competitive professions, by citing very relevant examples of how lack of values by organizations and influential individuals in these companies can critically affect others in the short-term and long-term.

The author succeeds in slowly building up the narrative with each chapter and by the end of the book, every reader would be motivated to implement the ideas and tips mentioned. The book is driven by the buzz statement of business circles - It’s not personal, it’s just business, which people use to justify their behavior, though unethical at times. The author explains how something which is business can still be personal and be in-line with an individual's values.
The crux of the book lies in the author explaining the three poisons - Anger, Greed, Ignorance which can be traced back as the origins of any disturbances seen in workplaces. Similarly, the 4 Ds which create toxic environments are explained by the author with examples and how they exist in different contexts. Ultimately the author explains FIBER is the ultimate guide to acting on our values.

The writing style of the author in explaining with appropriate real-life scenarios as examples makes the book a very easy read. Also, the last chapter with real-life accounts of famous personalities who have adhered to the values is the best way to close the book. I personally believe that your values set you apart in your professional career irrespective of your skill set and talent and this book was a personal reminder for me to stay on course.

Moral Fiber is a must read for all professionals at all levels in the corporate ladder as living by your moral values should be a constant companion in your journey. In the current times when a whole generation might sway away by popular opinion, this is a Highly recommended and important read!
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