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Reviewed in India 🇮🇳 on 8 September 2019
Queen of Hearts: A Passionate Love Story is written by author P. G. Van is a beautiful sweet story.
Main plot is Love story of Shiv and Aneesha but it's not usual love story but different/unique which blurb of book gives a feel of.
The initial few pages sets the stage for the story and Readers would be hooked to the book till the end.
So read the book to know answers for who is Shiv, what type of person he is, his past, his friend Vikas, his deal for Tripura palace, Who is Aneesha, what type of person she is, her past, how they meet, why Aneesha can't remember her past, why Shiv lies to world and her of marriage/wife, how love blossomed between them, does Aneesha find out/remember her true identity, does Shiv get Tripura Palace from queen Gayathri, etc. and more.
Narration style of Author is nice as he is successful in keeping readers engrossed in the plot till the end. Charecters appear real, relatable and feeling/emotions are well portrayed. Language used is simple and it's a small book so can be finished real fast.
Enjoyed reading it and would recommend to all readers who enjoy reading love stories.
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