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Reviewed in India on 3 November 2017
Virtual Reality. Bounty hunters. Hackers. Romance. Rainbow hair. Electric skateboards. If all of those words piqued your interest, then Warcross is for you. Yes, it is very similar to Ready Player One but only as far as the plot premise. Personally I preferred this over RPO. RPO is so 80's (heh). So anyway, teenage hacker, Emika Chen is a bounty hunter on the streets of a futuristic New York. She's down to her last 13 dollars and is desperate. Warcross is the immersive virtual reality game that has become a global phenomenon in the last decade. The Warcross Championships are around the corner and Emika has a hack up her sleeve that she can use during the opening ceremony to make some dough. Unfortunately, she gets caught and catches the eye of Warcross creator and elusive billionaire (aren't they all?), Hideo Tanaka. To her surprise, instead of throwing her in jail, Hideo pulls her into the Championship and she gets drafted as a wild card player. Turns out, there's a mysterious hacker on the loose within Warcross who is planning ...something. And Hideo needs her help to find him. Or her. Don't be sexist, now.
The good: The premise is interesting, the writing is great, the plot is fast paced for the most part, the character building is decent. Neurolink technology sounds pretty amazing. With the way technology is advancing, it doesn't seem so far fetched IRL. I loved the diversity in this book and the Tokyo setting. Not 'Murica centric for a change.
The bad: Either Emika Chen is a hacker extraordinaire or Warcross has the worst security ever. She can get into anything within minutes. God, that's convenient. She can just look at a huge code base and figure out what's wrong using pattern recognition. To quote my eloquent self at this point: "LOL, wut?". Of course, as is the norm in YA novels, we have instalove between our main characters for no discernible reason. A lot of the plot points were quite predictable especially the one at the end. As subtle as a gun shot, that was. The reveal before that did catch me off guard though, so points to the author for that.
I was under the impression this was a stand alone novel so the way it ended did come as a surprise. Apparently it is a duology. So, will I pick up book 2? Yes indeed.
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